= Does anyone know track and field time to get in as a recruited athlete ?? =

4 year ago I could run 100m under 13 seconds, I can do better hopefully now if I train. Does anyone know what’s the cutoff time for top universities?? If anyone knows for 100m and 400m it will be great !

you’d have to improve your times AND get recruited very very quickly at this rate if you haven’t started the process yet and want to get in for Fall 2023
Wait I was planning to send it in 2 months? I don’t want to get recruited for the team but I want it to be a benefit 

Look up D(whatever division you're going for) track and field standards. A D1 athlete I know for 100m should run at least a 10.8
Okay thank u! I checked on the Harvard’s website as a benchmark and walk in time was 12.1 What does walk in mean ??
If your applying this year and hoping for a d1 school, then I’m sorry to say it’s not very realistic at all. But you can always check their websites to see what expected times they have. You would need to cut multiple seconds of that 100m time, which takes a long time usually or may be impossible. And as for the 400, that requires even more training to get a competitive time, so unless you run it right now in the low 50s I wouldn’t bother
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