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= ‘Natural’ bodybuilder at my gym who has a natural bodybuilding comp in a couple weeks. His acne is pretty sus but he isn’t too big to be juicing, thoughts? =

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Right, Get the idea of juicing = big. It doesnt. His delts look a little sus. But there isn't any square on pics of him. He needs to start taking leg day seriously regardless of anything

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Acne and gyno really aren't proof of steroids though. Every man in my family has gyno and none of has ever touched steroids (TBF nobody except me even hit the gym in their life, most working out they'd have done was walking 5-6km every day and playing cricket)

I've got back full of acne due to an old allergic reaction which has left the scars on, and I suffer from an inflammatory thing which causes more boils on my back

Back to the question, he looks pretty natty

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