= [Jordan Bianchi] Michael Andretti tells The Athletic he is going around the F1 paddock to gauge who supports his bid to start a F1 team. He says he thinks about "half the teams" are in his corner "at the moment." =

that he has to jump through this many hoops. We used to have marrusia and catterham who just sat at the back. But this is a big racing name in Andretti and they have big money backers. Let them join, they are adding 2 cars, and an American driver. Not like they’re going to be worse than Williams back there

I think Catterham and Marussia like teams are the main reason why Andretti is having a hard time entering the sport. Not saying that Andretti will be as bad ofcourse. But I think that F1 realised that having 10 teams is better than a lot more and most of them severely uncompetitive
It's entirely possible they'll be exponentially worse than Williams. They do have exactly zero experience in F1, after all. And Catherham and Marussia were seen as an embarrassment to F1, so using them as examples for why Andretti should have a team is not a good foot to start out on

Toto would get $20M the day Andretti joined ($200M/10) plus a slightly smaller split of what one would assume would be a considerably larger revenue given Liberty's American marketing push plus adding an American team and driver combo. It's totally shortsighted

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