= Powerlifting/bodybuilding friendly gym? =

Will be in town 3 months and looking for a no contract gym. Somewhere around Vanderbilt hospital area preferred but I’ll definitely drive a little bit for a good spot

Must haves: free weights, squats/deadlift/bench focused, chalk allowed, no lunk alarms. Not interested in crossfit classes, i just like lifting in my own world if you know what I mean

24 hours would be a bonus but not required

Willing to pay $
Please respond

I was putting down a couple but then I saw **no contract gym** and realized both options were a no go. I'm sure they exist (maybe) but I don't know of any

Are you working at Vanderbilt Medical Center? Depending on the status of your employment you may be eligible for the Vanderbilt University Recreation Center at the VUMC/VU employee rate

Your best bet is QNTM. It’s a smaller contract just have to give them a month or two heads up and that’s it. Other than that my friend nothing in this area that’s not ridiculously priced

QNTM is a great gym and exactly what you need if they allow for no contracts. Give them a call
another vote for centennial sportplex. Single visit $9, 10-visit-pass $80, Monthly pass $96 for non-Davidson county residents. 5 lifting platforms, 1 smith machine, 2 bench press, and lots of free weights+machines
I believe the YMCA will do month to month, but I can’t really say how well equipped their locations are. You might check out Centennial Sportsplex as well, that’s right in the area you’re looking for

Centennial Sportsplex, not 24 hours but they meet the other items on the list

It’s a good drive but Nashville Athletic Club on Harding might be your kind of place

It’s a drive from there but check out iron house in hermitage. Best gym I’ve ever belonged to. Tons of equipment, no nonsense

Southside Strength in Franklin is amazing httpswww.southsidestrengthtn.com/home
Gym 5 in 5 points. They may be flexible on the membership. My husband and I did personal training there for 6 months 3x week and never had to sign up for their gym membership

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