= Bodybuilders of reddit, what advice do you have for someone that's just starting out at the gym? =

Stretch/warm-up properly, no crazy/wildjust do the proper basics. I know people who do it until they break a sweat and THEN they start all of their workouts. Basically don't go into it without your body not feeling or being "ready". Take it slow at first because this type of stuff requires a lot of trial and error, you have to slowly figure out what works best for you. Everyone is different, just have to be patient

A formerguy here. so I'm not really a body builder

DIET DIET DIET, I know itbut cut ALL sodas like RIGHT NOW no "I'll have one more " cut them right now.healthy, no fried foods no greasy foods in general. After the first week, you start to lose the craving forfood but the 1st week is the hardest

DM me if you would like my routine in the gym
Be consistent and don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away, it’s a long journey

Honestly not into it just to see results, more of the fact that it's a goodrelease
Spend 15 minutes warming up, do light exersizes engaging the section of body you want to work
It's not imperative but I generally work sections per day. (push day, pull day, leg day, core day, cardio, rest)
Slow down during the eccentric phase and increase your time under tension. For example, a bicep curl, quick lift and try to lower the weight slowly over a 3 second period) go for a lighter weight and see how long you last with a high TUT

Get yourself a decent fitness diary ($10-$15) and record what you do each day, stick to a schedule for like 4 weeks and gradually increase your weight

Cool down stretches are critical
question, but how do I know what part of the body an exercise is helping
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