= Looking for petite womens clothing brands/stores online or in store =

My sister has struggled a majority of her life finding clothes that she feels confident in. She’s a size 00-4 depending on where you go but honestly she seems defeated at this point. Does anyone have any recommendations. We know about ritemans and Laura petite and the mall stores; but we’re looking for casual. We’re looking for some hidden gems if you know of any! Thankyouuuu

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Though these are mall stores - many people do not know that these two stores have sizes online not available in stores - the gap Carries petites online and xxs in many things. Just bought a double xxs Jean jacket and it fits better than any Jean jacket I’ve had before. And aerie/American eagle online carries xxs and even 000, and the pants can even come in xxs short. Both these stores allow you to return any oroduct bought online in store so you don’t have to worry about mailing stuff back. I am pretty small up top and aerie also carries bra sizes 32AA and 30a and bralettes in xxs online, not sure if that’s helpful. I am 30 and finally have a bra that fits that’s not from the childrens section at the bay!
Old navy and their sister brands have petite sizes online only. I use them a lot for comfortable/workout type clothes. For reference I am 110lbs 5’2” and the xs fits me but I can also get away with size s. H&M sstocks some smaller sizes, more to choose from online, and so does rw&co bbut they’re a bit dressier

Online has become my savior. Moving to London I found it was impossible to find clothing no matter which store I went to. I love dynamite, Abercrombie and express. Victoria's secret etc also offers bras in size 30 (a,b etc) so there are options just not as convenient as going into a store and walking out with what you came for

ASOS has a huge petite clothing section. It’s a UK based online shop, mostly carries brands that are difficult to find here in Canada, like bershka, mango, top shop, etc. I’m not sure if that’s the type of casual you are looking for but they probably have something for everyone, and it’s one of the biggest petite selection