Three years ago, a certain Bridget Jones stormed into movie theaters around the world. The film adaptation of Helen Fielding's cult novel brought in 280 million dollars worldwide second cinema appearance only logical.Directed by Beeban Kidron, the stunning Renée Zellweger has more hair-raising adventures in "Bridget Jones - The Edge of Madness".Only her perspective has changed this time.The film is less an original, conceptual sequel, but rather almost a remake, since part one is adopted almost exactly in its structure - "Bridget Reloaded" so to speak. The lack of originality is made up for by the charm and wit of the film. "Bridget Jones - On the Edge of Madness" ties directly to the events of "Chocolate for Breakfast". Bridget (Renée Zellweger) is more than happily in love with the lawyer Mark D arcy (Colin Firth), no, she literally adores him and discreetly gets on the nerves of the stiff-necked snob next.While skydiving, she unerringly lands in a pile ofmanure.Her relationship with Darcy is so perfect that it makes Bridget suspicious.Mark's new co-worker Rebecca (Jacinda Barrett) adores him, as does Bridget.They get closer than she would like is..

"The question is, what happens after you walk off into the sunset?" Director Beeban Kidron ("The Autumn Crocus", "To Wong Foo") addresses this question in "Bridget Jones - On the Edge of Madness". What happens after the frustrated single Londoner has found her perfect happiness? Right, she's destroying it herself by continuing her blundering marathon in her usual fashion. Bridget hasn't changed. She's stillsmoking, drinking and talking like her snottyhas grown She is uninhibitedly tactless and honest, which gets her into big trouble again, but also breaks the heart of Mark Darcy (
*"That's my boyfriend.He's a human rights lawyer, you knowHer jealousy of Rebecca ( *"Saw him just an hour ago, going into his house with little Rebecca Gillies.Only 22, legs up to there, and Daddy owns half of Scotland puts her in the situation of losing everything. Oscar winner Renée Zellweger ("

*On the way to Cold Mountain "*Chicago "*Jerry Maguire in the role of the titular heroine. in order to do justice to the character of the novel. Unlike in "Chocolate for Breakfast", Zellweger can now be admired throughout as a real bundle of joy with pink cheeks. Courage to deface was required, since the Australian newcomer Jacinda Barrett (" *Unit 49 "*The human flaw clearly digs the water for her when it comes to beauty. Zellweger rolls everything else down with her stunningly open charm.The interplay of the usual suspects from part one is also the big plus of "On the Edge of Madness". .Colin Firth still plays so wonderfully snobbish and classy at the same time, as if he had a cucumber implanted in his buttocks while studying at Eton.Hugh Grant continues to be bese against the grain tzt.Although he's as charming as ever, he's playing more of the womanizer brandand caricaturing his image as a shy *nice guy*. That's a partial weak point of "Bridget Jones - On the Verge of Madness". Screenplay penned by Andrew Davies and Richard Curtis (director: "Love Actually who also wrote the original. The sequel is also full of funny dialogue points and situational comedy, but the two simply copy the predecessor in terms of storytelling. The construction is exactly the same, the twists are similar and cherished rituals are simply taken over or at best varied.In terms of plot, Davies and Curtis give the monkey even more sugar this time.Bridget's prison adventure in Thailand has almost comic-like features, as does her appearance as a kamikaze Skier in the Alps. The Austrians don't come away really intelligently. That's why Zellweger's attempt to speak German, at least in English Originally hilarious, if. The complete snarky humor is
Laid out *over the top*even more so than in part one. But at its core, On the Edge of Madness is a romantic comedy, even if the film can still partially pass as a parody of it. Luckily, the unrestrained self-mockery never gives way. The balance between these elements is correct. Compared to the book, the authors took some liberties.They have retained the episodic structure, albeit not in the same vein as the novel, but the plot has undergone some major changes, including the role of Bridget's rival Rebecca. To explain this in more detail would spoil a film point. Since Hugh Grant's character Daniel Cleaver only appears marginally in the book, the author duo had to improvise in order to give the star Grant, whom no one wanted to do without, more space in the film. So a subplot was added without further ado, which is not to be found in the book , Grant concedes some screen presence. On the other hand, Jim Broadbent and Gemma Jones have to step back as Bridget's parents this time. "Bridget Jones - Chocolate for Breakfast" spoke to millions of single women from the heart and Renée Zellweger rose to become an icon could get, the sequel is only logical. Viewers get what they want to see. More exotic locations, more T empo, more Bridget, more Mark Darcy but less originality. That can certainly be criticized, but if you want to be well entertained for almost two hours and don't let that put you off, "Bridget Jones - On the Edge of Madness" is the place for you. make a good choiceLink tip **Renee Zellweger in the Filmstarts interview**