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r/LosAngeles - Mushroom Magic : Last First Friday of the 2022 Season at the NHM. July 1, 2022. Featuring Fungi Talk w/ guest Dr. Charles Grob, DJ sets by Vegyn and KCRW’s Wyldeflower, along with film presentations, art and educator pop-ups, and food trucks.

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SMS College of arts and Science Admissions Closes Soon for 2022 - 2023. Click here to apply now #cherancolleges #cherangroupofinstitutions #cherancollegeforwomen #coimbatore #tirupur #kangeyam #Colleges_in_Coimbatore #Best_Colleges_in_TamilNadu

r/HIVandAIDS - A partnership between the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences and the Milken Institute School of Public Health is starting to train doctoral students this fall to recognize intersectional and marginalized identities in HIV treatment.

r/aggies - The new hybrid College of Arts and Sciences is marketing its Howdy Week Launch Party. In the image, 25% of the students are black; 75% are women. Does this approximate the actual diversity of the new College? Or is it maybe the diversity they want you to think exists? Inquiring minds want to know