= What is a reasonable baseline of fine art skills a bard will obtain in a Bard College? =

I understand that for a particular character you might decide that they learned a specific skill such as how to play a musical instrument, how to write/tell a tall tale etc but Im having difficulty conceptualizing how thourough a fine arts education is at a bard college

For instance, here are some skills that have come up in my current campaign:
Apptidue to learn a completely new instrument
Improv/Drama performace
For a young bard, is it safe to assume they might have at least some skill in most of the fine arts? Or is it more reasonable to assume they might have never touched a paintbrush for example. I know that your character can have experience in whatever you want/your DM agrees to, but i find saying something like "Im good at fine arts because bard college" to be a boring answer

Bard "college" is just how they name the subclasses. Your bard can have gone to a bard college if you want, but they could also have any other background you can imagine

If your bard went to some sort of college, personally I'd want to find out what makes sense for you and your world. Were they just teaching quick basic skills for you to go back out and earn some money? Is it a luxurious school for rick youth to learn fine skills?
The problem that I have is that many skill checks will be tied to your performance skill (atleast in 5e). So if I want to play a tune, tell a funny joke, act out a dramatic performance its all going to be based on the same modifier (which for most Bards I assume is fairly high)
So in a mechanical sense, I feel bards are just adept at all fine arts, but it justfeels weird to me that that would be the case

"The way of a bard is gregarious. Bards seek each other out to swap songs and stories, boast of their accomplishments, and share their knowledge. Bards form loose associations, which they call colleges, to facilitate their gatherings and preserve their traditions." - PHB
A Bardic college is more like a guild or even just a club

Jack of all trades covers this well, you have a little bit of training in everything

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