= What part of a formal education can I not get through self-taught Web Design? =

You don't know what you don't know. What bits and pieces am I probably going to miss out on from a formal education through my self-taught web design journey?
Some of the better things I learned in design school that I couldn't teach myself were how to give critique, accept critique, collaborate with other designers, deal with pressure and deadlines, and in a lot of ways..how to deal with a future "client". I had a demanding professor who I think purposely acted like a difficult client. You can learn a lot of techniques and skills from books and online, but only practical experience makes those things applicable, and practicing on paying clients is tough. Learning in a group setting compounds the speed of learning because you learn from other peoples mistakes (and wins) as well as your own. Not saying school is mandatory, I self-taught myself a ton, just being honest on what you will miss out on

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