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r/philosophy - Pseudophilosophy encourages confused, self-indulgent thinking and wastes our resources. The cure for pseudophilosophy is a philosophical education. More specifically, it is a matter of developing the kind of basic critical thinking skills that are taught to philosophy undergraduates.

Self-taught vs. College Education in art. How much does it matter?

Artists are self-taught and did not have formal education Originality is not issue in Contemporary Art.

r/BadWelding - The first pic was after many months of being self taught, thinking I finally was decent at tig welding. The following are after a couple months at my semiconductor job and I’m still learning. Moral of the story is: keep practicing. I have no formal training and this is my livelihood. You can do it.

r/Logo_Design_Critique - Reddit Logo Redesign v2 (NOT KARMA FARMING) I am a self-taught graphic design artist for more than 15 years. I believe that we always have new stuff to learn from each other. So please let me know your thoughts on this. Details in the description.

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r/comics - [OC] Just a little thing I did. I'm a kinda new self taught artist and would like to make a living drawing manga :) so... Hi!

r/whatsthissnake - [Charleston, SC] I didn't freak out! Not going to try a formal ID but you guys have taught me this guy is a handy squatter!

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r/web_design - What part of a formal education can I not get through self-taught Web Design?