= Best books for running SaaS business and building SaaS platform. We've built a MVP stand alone platform that has landed some good contracts in niche markets. However we are all literally self-taught developers who learn to code to build out this idea so none of us have formal training.need help plz =

Some friends and I had an idea for a software platform in a niche archaic industry that one of us worked in. We designed it and then taught ourselves to program and built out a standalone application over the past 24 months. We recently got a lot of traction with some national contracts and need to turn this into a secure enterprise-grade SaaS product

We are way out of our depth. We are going to hire additional people and bring in consultants but we really need to understand these things more deeply ourselves
Are there any good resources or books for both building and designing SaaS products and also for running a SaaS company
We really appreciate any feedback thank you very much and we're glad we found this group it's looking to be a great resource

Starting and Sustaining by Garrett Dimon is a total playbook for SAAS. That's the book you need

I also recommend 24 Assets by Daniel Priestly and Traction by Weinberg & MMares. 24 Assets will help you make a better, more valuable business. Traction will help you understand modern marketing

Thank you I'm going to get both right now. Honestly a big part of how we got where we are was that we all probably read about 120 books in the last three and a half years on my business and psychology and sales and technical skills

It's such a great time to be alive where all of this hard-earned knowledge that people have accumulated over a lifetime is disseminated into actionable instructions and available for instant download on Amazon Kindle or something
Well done on hitting this great milestone with your friends! This is usually the thing that break starups down with founders not being able to work together. I've been there myself

I'm currently busy building my own saas product. So feel free to ask questions and Ill see where I can help

Thank you. We did lose two guys but the core group is still here. It's definitely difficult but we're so grateful to be where we are

Now we're getting super focused on her and he's into a full SAS program in gaming real market traction this year

What type of product are you building
Gratulation to your success!
Just to give you some background. I am developer in my 40s. Lot of experience with web applications and e-commerce. But I also saw some projects fail up to now. I successfully run an e-commerce business with my SO with 5 employees currently. I don’t run a SaaS, but worked on some

What you are trying to achieve sounds challenging. Sounds you are under time pressure s as well

To me it’s sounds like you want a cofounder. Somebody with skin in the game. An employee will leave the ship, when he realizes it sinks and it’s his fault. And cofounder who owns the success and failure will fight harder to build a ship that’s swimming and stays afloat. Give him an significant amount of shares. Define vesting periods and success indicators

Look for somebody with proven track record. This will cost you more shares, but if you can prove there is a real market for the product, a smaller share for everyone will benefit all participants

The suggested books sound good. Read “starting and sustaining” by myself. But as far as I can remember it’s written for developers with little to no business background

How to find a cofounder? That’s another story. The whole Micropreneur circle? LinkedIn? Ideally you know somebody already, as trust is the biggest issue I guess

However, wish you all the best!
Thank you very much for taking the time to write this. We are thinking of bringing somebody in with that kind of a track record

It's a weird situation where our service is antiquated but has a massive market with literally no competition

So it's tough figuring out proper valuation and things of that nature but yeah definitely going to continue to interview individuals for that so that we can maximize our probability of the desired outcome

I don’t think I’m up there with some of the other recommendations, but I’ve built a SaaS up to $5M ARR over the past 5 years and just started a podcast talking about it. Check out “Bootstrapping SaaS to Millions” and let me know if there’s anything you’d like us to cover in a future episode!