r/HomeDecorating - I make such art, would people be interested in buying such art on different surfaces and can I make this my niche? Any leads or feedback? I am not a graphic artist or designer. I am a self taught artist with a style that is influenced by tribal, folk, and other cultures in India.

r/SaaS - Best books for running SaaS business and building SaaS platform. We've built a MVP stand alone platform that has landed some good contracts in niche markets. However we are all literally self-taught developers who learn to code to build out this idea so none of us have formal training.need help plz

r/askanatheist - When and where did you learn about principles like cognitive dissonance and logical fallacies? Do you have suggestions on good sources for learning that would appeal to adults as well as teens and younger kids? I feel like this was never part of the formal curriculum that was taught to me.

Greetings friends. I am Jas a self-taught artist from the city of Odessa, Ukraine. I have been drawing for about 3 years and I present you my first paintings. If you like them or want to order a work from me, write in messages. I will be glad to talk with you. Also you can support me financi

3 Many contemporary artists are self taught and did not have formal education | Course Hero

r/quotes - The problem is not that people are uneducated. The problem is that they have been educated just enough to believe what they've been taught, and not educated enough to question what they've been taught. Tomas warley.

r/freediving - Sindika Dokolo, the husband of Isabel dos Santos, billionaire daughter of Angola's former president, drowned while freediving off the coast of Dubai

Sindika dokolo

Sindika dokolo

Sindika Dokolo sur les resultats des provinciales et législatives en RDC

Sindika dokolo