r/ArchitecturePorn - Humao Museum of Art and Education completed in Ningbo, China. It is designed by Pritzker Prize-laureate Álvaro Siza and Carlos Castanheira.

r/ArtEducation - Connecting art and education

r/BeAmazed - Art and educational projects what would we look like If we evolved to survive car accidents. More in comments.

r/ApplyingToCollege - Schools that are simultaneously strong in fine art and education?

r/AquaticSnails - Hi everybody, I’m releasing my mystery snail coloring book as well as a lot of aquarium related art and educational sheets for free. All art by me. Link in the comment and in my profile.

r/antiwork - Capitalism will kill Art and Education

Art & Art Education | Arts & Humanities | Teachers College, Columbia University

The Art of Education University | We grow amazing art teachers

r/Polytopia - Tribe Moon: Despite usually being written off as simple merchants, the Yadakk invest plenty into both art and education, often building museums and schools in their trade hubs. Of course, most art and education revolve around bartering skills, desert survival, and Khamelk husbandry.

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