= STEM and Art Schools? =

I think maybe after elementary school kids should take a test that eitherthem to an art, stem, or mixed between art and stem school. Anyone else agree with me?

I think you’re going to find most programs encourage STEAM rather than STEM, the A being for arts. I think it’s a god approach personally, but some folks might not want one or the other

What would be the advantage of sending kids to a school focused on one with less exposure to the other?
I think children need exposure to all areas and not pigeon holed too early in life. Our kids needs to find their interests on their own and be allowed to explore all that is out there, and have strong foundations in all areas. Their interest develop over time a change frequently. Let your interests guide you once you start attending college. So many kids are swayed by those around them and what they think their parents may want rather than finding their own path

I totally disagree. This would lead to huge stagnation. All students need some amount of mixture in their education. We can't all just do one thing, we need more interdisciplinary education

Also a single test that decides your entire future? No thanks. I personally went from a heavily arts focused education to a heavily science focused education. That exposure to drastically different schools of thought made me who I am and helped me make connections I could not have otherwise made

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