= We've added support for V Rising to AMP on both Windows and Linux. AMP is a game server web management panel that you run on your own hardware that automates the setup of servers. =

Not at all, we have V Rising running on Linux just fine. For some Windows only servers we use Proton to do it, in the case of V Rising there's a special container with wine and a few other dependencies to make it work until the official Linux server gets here

We didn't announce this without testing it on both platforms. You wouldn't even notice what was going on though because its mostly turnkey

The Host and Game settings seems to get overridden all the time. We tried changing the files from both the save-data, and VRisingServer_Data directories, but every time we start up the server (from Manage) the settings gets overwritten by the default ones (ex. Name = AMP V Rising Server)

Which file are we supposed to modify?
Thank you!
Just started using AMP, but i can't figure out where the settings for clan sizes, save game files etc are. I only see some port settings in the "Edit Ports" section and the basic start on boot/suspended/firewall option in the "Edit settings" section

Could you maybe help out? Thanks a lot!