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I got a business degree for some reason and I couldn't stand any of my professors except one who taught a class on unions and who I'm pretty sure was a closet communist. I had no friends in the program I always left immediately to get drunk with the scienceand philosophers at the campus bar
I got my masters in political science, but we had to take classes outside out the department too so I took some courses in economics and sociology

There were obviously exceptions, but in general the economics grads were insufferable rich kids who wore business casual to class, and the sociology grads were mostly chill stoners who wore beanies and Ramones t shirts. Just super different vibes in the classes

Read Johanna Bockman's
*Markets in the Name of Socialism* if you want a great left-wing perspecive on how socialism influenced the development of neoclassical economics
This podcast is a good overview of the book
No one actually talks about "STEAM" though. The whole point of "STEM" is that it excludes arts. Arts are valuable, mind you, but there aren't a whole lot of times when "STEM and also Arts" is a relevant category -- you may as well be saying "all of the academic fields."
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