= student thinking abt going into architecture =

hey y’all, i’m a college studentgoing into my soph yr thinking abt transferring into my college’s architecture program. i have a couple of hold-up’s and would love to receive whatever advice y’all have

one of the major drawbacks for me to join the architecture program is at this point, it would take me an additional 4 years (starting the next school yr) due to the way the program works at my school. it would essentially render my first 2 years of collegeand paying for 6 years of undergrad (and DOING 6 years of undergrad) is not something i’m keen on

i know my parents would support me if i really wanted to do this, but another thing holding me back is the fact that i’m not sure. i was undecided when entering college and feel like i still am. although when i think abt architecture as a field and learn more about it, i feel that it could be a good fit due to the combination of art and math, im not sure due to hearing a lot about the intense workload, not enough pay, etc. i also have no experience in architecture, so i’m worried that when i start doing it i’llit

i was wondering if y’all think it would be a good idea to transfer into this program, or if there are any different ways i can go into architecture/any ways i can work with architecture while not actually being an architect. i also would love to hear abt other jobs y’all know of that are similar to architecture in terms of the mix of STEM and art, or any jobs that y’all as architects think you would have thrived in. thanks for the help, i appreciate any and all advice!

If you live in Canada you can look into a 2 year diploma in Architectural Technologies. It’s a tech program so you don’t receive the same design/studio type of education. Very good employment rates after graduation. And various schools have transfer-on programs in case you do decide after that you want to become an Architect
Seems like an inefficient way to go. If I were you and trying to do things in the most economical way to get a professional Arch degree. I would just do an MoA as a graduate degree. It's functionally the same as a BoA except you don't waste the first 4 years. There are tons of 2 year MoA programs around the country and as long as you can get in one that would save you the time. Not to mention the masters always looks better on a resume

Finish the 4 year (preferably in something related so you can build a portfolio without a lot of extra work. Even tangentially related is fine.) Then do a 2 year MoA. End up with 2 degrees and a lot more flexibility

Another reason to go this route: A lot of BoAs are meat grinders. There is a reason architecture is considered one of the most difficult majors. I'm not sure what your program is like but mine was actively trying to thin the herd for the first 2 years. If you know some people in the program they can confirm/correct but almost every program I have interacted with is like this to a certain degree. MoAs tend to be much more chill. Everyone is older and are not as easy to push into 4 straight all-nighters. Also there is an understanding that people there are more mature and preparing to actually go into the work force, so more mutual respect as opposed to the highly professor smacking around the lowly undergrad

And this route gives you more time to decide if actually want to do architecture at all

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