Quality Education Includes the Arts

= The Center for Arts Education is committed to ensuring that all NYC public school students receive quality arts instruction as part of their pre-K-12 education. =
 Why are the arts an essential component of a QUALITY EDUCATION? 
== Arts education has a proven positive effect on the creativity, well-being, and academic success of students at all grade levels. ==
Arts education is strongly associated with lower dropout rates and higher graduation rates, regardless of socio-economic status. CAE’s evidence-based programming in dance, music, theater and visual arts (the core areas required by the state of New York) improves literacy as well as the social, emotional, and cognitive development of participants

The arts improve school environments by increasing community engagement and introducing skills that are essential for success:
**creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, **and ** communication
There are a lot of students out there with a lot of potential, but when you limit their access to arts in school, you limit their potential.”
— Danielle McGirt, MS 355Q