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r/learneralways - LA #Kojo is a #programminglanguage and integrated development environment (IDE) for computer programming and learning. Kojo is an #opensourcesoftware. It was created, and is actively developed, by Lalit Pant, a computer #programmer and teacher living in Dehradun, India.

r/CBSE - Any Ideas for art integrated learning projects?(class 11)

r/ActiveAssistedLiving - „This week we are in Ireland for our training school on innovation in health and integrated care. Our early-stage researchers are learning new aspects on the application of video-based devices for active assisted living“ (2022)

r/DecisionTheory - "“Two truths and a lie” as a class-participation activity (and some more general comments on integrating active learning into a statistics class)", Andrew Gelman (calibration training)

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