5 Fun Activities for Integrating the Arts in the Classroom

What is Art Integrated Learning? | AIL

r/dalle2 - The mind is constantly active, even when we are asleep. It is constantly processing information and making connections. It is always learning and growing. digital art trending on artstation

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Arts Integration: Improving Classroom Activities | Learning A-Z

r/swift - This year i decided to try and be a bit more active in the community. I have released a video for people who are just started with Swift and who want to learn how to integrate Firebase.

r/inventors - LA #Kojo is a #programminglanguage and integrated development environment (IDE) for computer programming and learning. Kojo is an #opensourcesoftware. It was created, and is actively developed, by Lalit Pant, a computer #programmer and teacher living in Dehradun, India.

r/deepdream - [stable diffusion] yoooo I'm so meta - "deepdream inceptionism feature activations, beautiful, art made with deep learning, /r/deepdream"

r/textbooksrequest - Mechanics of Materials: An Integrated Learning System, 5th Edition

r/drawings - This year I learned about Modernism in Art's history class and I loved it!. I drew this octogonal bottle-neck dome with parabolic spans in it based in Palacio Güell's dome (Antoni Gaudí). What do you think about it?