== nouns == sport utility vehicle [abbr.: SUV] [AUTOM.] der Geländewagen pl.:Geländewagen sport-utility vehicle [abbr.: SUV] [AUTOM.] der Geländewagen pl.:Geländewagen sports utility vehicle [abbr.: SUV] [AUTOM.] der Geländewagen pl.:Geländewagen sports utility vehicle [abbr.: SUV] [AUTOM.] the Jeep® utility vehicle [AUTOM.] das Nutzfahrzeug Pl.:Nutzfahrzeuge [abbr.: Nfz] utility vehicle [AUTOM.] the utility vehicle pl.: the utility vehicles utility vehicle [AUTOM.] der Lieferwagen Pl.:Lieferwagen sport sport pl sport the sport pl.: the sports vehicle the car pl.: the cars vehicle [AUTOM.] the vehicle pl.: the vehicles sport der Prachtkerl Pl.: the Prachtkerle sport the joke pl.: the jokes utility pl == Verbs == to sports | sported, sported | - amuse oneself frolic | romped, romped | to sport sth sported, sported | to flaunt sth sth. sports sth. on sth. dat. emblazoned sth to do sports (also: sport) to do sports to work out doing sports to get exercise to take exercise to do sports to do sports to go in for sport to do sport to go in for sports doing sports to exercise | exercised, exercised | [SPORTS] doing sports to make sport of so./sth. about so./sth. make fun to do sth. for sport sth to do sth. in sport sth == Adjectives / Adverbs == utility Adj. utilitarian for sport for fun athletic adj sporting adj utility-maximizing AE adj utility maximizing BE / utility-maximizing BE Adj in-vehicle Adj. in the vehicle interior sports-mad Adj. (Brit.) [coll.] enthusiastic about sports closed to vehicles closed to traffic [transport] of public utility non-profit applicable to all vehicle lines [AUTOM.] across areas accessible by vehicle passable crazy about sports (Amer.) enthusiastic about sports keen on sports (Brit.) Enthusiastic about sports on a vehicle under actual conditions in fired operation == Definitions == vehicle fitted with through brake pipe the line trolley Pl.: the line trolley/the line trolley == Examples == an abandoned vehicle vehicles of every description Vehicles of all kinds vehicles up to 3 1/2 tons vehicles up to 3.5 tons We operate our own fleet of vehicles. We have our own fleet of vehicles == From the environment of the search == |automobile, conveyance, device, excipient, motorcar, medium, car, auto| == Grammar == noun to adjective affect + iv The use of the period in abbreviations The period is usually used when only the first part of the word is used as an abbreviation and only in written language. If an abbreviation with a dot appears.. Group of words noun + verb Compounds of a (non-faded) noun and a verb are written separately ler The suffix ler is a secondary form of → er. It also forms masculine nouns that belong to the → inflection class s