= How do I get up there? Need to paint the stucco and I’m racking myon a safe way to paint this and I can’t figure it out. I’m a big guy—6’5” 280 lbs. work construction so it’s not a heights thing. It’s logistics. Any advice much appreciated. = Professional painter here You need a 28ft ladder with stabilizers to bump the top of the ladder out from the wall so you clear the fascia and gutter below. Pull the feet of the ladder out far enough to clear the gutter, on your lower sections, and pull the feet of the ladder out so it digs into the ground. This will keep your feel from sliding out at such a shallow angle. Make sure you put a drop cloth on the shingles Considering your size though you should definitely afford yourself a lift Keep in mind that a pull behind man lift should work here and save you a LOT of money on delivery if you have a truck that can tow up to 4000lbs. Maybe rent a truck from u haul. (You work construction, of course you have a beefy truck) I think I’m going tothe cost because I’m staining the whole house a different color too and cleaning the roof. Cost of the lift is way cheaper than hiring it out and I work construction so my insurance obviously blows The towable sounds like a good plan. I do indeed have a beefy truck lol Good timing idea. I looked into articulating booms I’ve used in the last on steep parking garage entrances. They work great on uneven terrain. They’re expensive and wasn’t too sure they’d handle the terrain here. Does 1100 for the week for an electric articulating boom (the one that looks like a space rover) sound right? I have a lot more to do around the house with it so it kind of justifies itself but can’t hurt to ask I would use scaffolding because I own aof 5x5. Looks like 4 across would do it. 2 frames high and you can plank across to the bottom of your upper wall. Then another row of 4 on the planks. Probably cheaper to rent 12 frames 15 braces 8 feet and aof decks than a lift. And you don’t have to drive on your garden If you don’t want tothe cost of a lift and want to do it on your own time, set some scaffold. It’s safer than a ladder and will offer more mobility. Plenty of ways to set it without having to tie into the wall 2 bays on the bottom tied with some goosers, a knee brace to clear the eave, one bay on top set on the knee brace with a saddle pin on the other side, tie it down to the lower section with a diagonal == حول المجتمع == أعضاء عبر الإنترنت