The Athena No Seintos Group invites all the Goddesses of Peru to participate in the second edition of "Miss Athena Peru 2020", in which the cosplayer who best represents the Goddess Athena will be selected

1-Participants only at the national level

2-Adult category (+18)
3-Only Athena's costumes (dress) participate, being able to use accessories but not the version with armor

About registration:
1-Send a video with your data up to
2-The video must be sent to the email [email protected] with the subject "Miss Athena Contest" (if the video is heavy, you can use WeTransfer)
About video content:
1-Introduce yourself with Athena cosplay indicating: name or nickname, age, province and district

2-Answer the following questions wearing Athena's cosplay:
a) Why do you like Saint Seiya?
b) What would you do to generate more Saint Seiya fans in Peru?
c) If you were Athena and you know that Hades is going to resurface with his specters, what strategy would you use to fight him?
d) What do you think would be the best ending for Saint Seiya?
e) A final message for the fans

3-Duration of the total video maximum 5 minutes

4-Consider that the video will be transmitted as it is sent, so you can edit it without using musical backgrounds or anime videos in general (there will be a musical background for all the videos)
5-The video must be only one (one file in MP4 and in good resolution)

About the winner:
1-Development of the participants, clothing, answers to questions and creativity will be graded

2-The virtual event will be a live broadcast on the facebook of the Athena No Seintos Group on the day
** SUNDAY, DECEMBER 27 ** Peru time 6:00 pm

3-The qualifying jury is made up of the general administrator of the ANS Group, Miss Athena 2018 and members of the cosplay management

4-The prize will be announced shortly

Any questions to
**991 989 211** (WhatsApp)

Good luck