Nearly 40 years ago, an unidentified young woman was found murdered just steps off an East County highway and today, homicide investigators are working with the biggest break in the case yet

A DNA connection, found through the use of the DNA ancestry tracker, 23andMe, has led homicide investigators to the victims close match

Jackie Vadurros ancestry is spread through two countries: Italy and Mexico. Her Grandparents each had 11 siblings, she has 34 first cousins just on one side

I am super into knowing my family history and ancestry. I like knowing where I came from Vadurro said

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This January, the Palm Springs resident learned a bit of family history when she received a call from a detective with the San Diego County Sheriffs Department Homicide Division

Its literally rocked my world this past week," Vadurro said

An unidentified woman, who Vadurro doesnt know, but shares her DNA, was murdered. The coroners report lists the victim as Jane Doe case #1590-86

Its been really hard to work. I dont do anything else because its just soand so crazy Vadurro said

Medical Examiners records indicate the cause of death: a shotgun wound to the chest

The woman, approximately 30 years old was found on August 3, 1986, in the scrub brush 25 feet off Highway 67 in Lakeside

The woman was found dressed in a blue dress. She still had hermetal rings on the fingers of both hands and a bracelet on her right wrist. The autopsy indicated no visible signs ofassault. Only a large wound to the left side of her chest

According to the coroners report, she was partially wrapped in a bedspread which suggests she wasntthere

She had no identification and showed signs of advanced decomposition, leaving homicide investigators with few clues and a cold case for the next 35 years

They told me that I've been the biggest break in the case this past yearVadurro said
Homicide investigators already had her cousins DNA profile. Vadurro showed up on his list of relatives

I am super invested and I am cooperating 100% with detectives Vadurro said

Jackie downloaded and gave homicide investigators her 23andMe DNA profile she got three years ago. Investigators are using it to help identify their Jane Doe

I will not be releasing any further information about this case just yet. We are going to let the genealogy process come to a conclusion before we take additional steps," Homicide Lieutenant Chris Steffen said adding, "We are not seeking the publics assistance at this time."
Vadurro is doing her own sleuthing among relatives. She discovered a great uncle who she believes was the victims father

One of my grandmothers brothers had a second family and this is like an illegitimate child basically Vadurro said

Vadurro cant think of anything sadder than the murder of a woman that no one missed

I just feel so sad. Shes my family member the fact that no one has identified her; no justice has been brought Vadurro said

Justice is still many steps away but finding out the identity of Vadurros murdered ancestor would be a giant leap forward in this case

NBC 7 reached out to the DNA Ancestry tracker 23andMe for clarification on their involvement in the case

Customer privacy is paramount at 23andMe. As such, we do not work with law enforcement agencies. To date, we have not provided any customer information to law enforcement. We also do not allow law enforcement agencies to access the 23andMe database," spokesperson Andysaid.