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r/howyoudoin - What's wrong with Mona? Nothing, apparently. Bonnie Somerville, who played Mona, said in an interview before the May 2021 reunion, that fans never hated her like they hated Emily. She joked that she thought she might even become the 7th friend. Could Mona really have become the 7th friend?

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r/LoveLive - Kusunoki Tomori Birthday Live 2021『Reunion of Sparks』Behind the Scenes

r/ai_trading - Stock Pattern Triangle Symmetrical Bottom USNA on December 14, 2021

r/longform - Japanese teacher in Japan-colonized Korea punished her Korean students for speaking Korean and imposed Imperial Way ideology on them during WWII; in 1976 at a school reunion in Daegu, she apologized and they forgave her; former teacher (now 100 years old) and students still keep in touch as of 2021

r/ArtTherapy - A few days late - but here is "Maternal Reunion" - in honor of my dear wife who passed in 2021 and her mom this past mother's day weekend. (Me, Graphite, 2022) Art/drawing portraits has been my primary coping mechanism since losing her in October - I am very thankful for this emotional outlet.

r/LoveLive - Tomoriru's Birthday Live 2021 "Reunion of Sparks" Digest Movie

r/Militariacollecting - If ya'll will indulge, my small USS Indianapolis (CA-35) collection. I've got a few more pics and thing in frames, but the challenge coins are new. the Indiana one is from the 2021 Reunion and the ship shaped one is this year's. Both are new to me. My Great-uncle was LAS with her.

r/Yellowjackets - Will we see a Tai and Van reunion in the 2021 timeline of season 2?!

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