Hey Folks, This is going to be long but rewarding. This is the most comprehensive guide on the web to know everything about
**LeadsArk** which is also known as the **Leadsark Affiliate Program**

In this guide, you will learn:
- What is the Leadsark affiliate program?
- What are the Products of Leadsark?
- How to become a Leadark Affiliate?
- Leadsark affiliate commission rate?
And many more which will help you to know more before signing up for Leadsark Affiliate Marketing Program

Lets deep dive without any further breeze

**What Is LeadsArk
Leadsark is an E-learning Platform to learn how to Generate Highly Qualified Leads through Online Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc) for your Online Business

LeadsArk is very popular in India as a High Commission Affiliate program because its affiliate program provides
**up to 70% commission per sale** like Bizgurukul

**LeadsArk Company Profile**
Name |Leadsark|
Date of Registration |11 September 2020|
Proprietorship |Ayaz Mohammad|
Address |4E-5, 4 Sight Florence|
126, Paschim Mahamayapur
Garia Garden Kolkata700084
Website |www.leadsark.com|
|[email protected]|
[email protected]
**LeadsArk Products or LeadsArk Course**
LeadsArk has 3 different courses on digital marketing

These are,
- Leadsark Lite
- Leadsark Standard
- Leadsark Pro
LeadsArk offers a variety of digital marketing courses. These courses have modules on Instagram marketing, Facebook Marketing, Personal branding, affiliate marketing, while lead generation is their main focus

Leadsark claims that you can get
**20-25 High-Quality Leads** each day. They have mentioned all the strategies and techniques for all kinds of Niche or any High Price Products of any Industry

**LeadsArk Lite** **Cost: Rs. 2000 + GST)= 2360 **Module
- Organic Lead Generation
- Social Media marketing
- Personal Branding
- Attraction Marketing
- LeadsArk Affiliate Training (Recording of Previous Weekly Training )
- Weekly Live Training Sessions
**LeadsArk Standard** **Cost: Rs. 3500 + GST)= 4130 **Module
- Organic Lead Generation
- Social Media marketing
- Personal Branding
- Attraction Marketing
- More Advanced Strategy of Organic Lead Generation
- Advanced Group Promotion strategy
- Product Review Strategy
- Lead Magnet Offer Strategy
- Monthly Update
- Weekly Live Training Sessions

8 Bonus Courses:Social Media Content Creation, YouTube SEO, Facebook Group Domination, Facebook Messenger Marketing ChatbotEmail Marketing Automation, Internet Marketing for Complete Beginners, YouTube Quick Start, Affiliate Marketing Success
**LeadsArk Pro** **Cost: Rs. 7000 + GST)= 8260 **Module
- Affiliate Marketing Training by Ayaz Mohammad
- Sales Training by Ayaz Mohammad
- CPA Affiliate Marketing Training by Shabbir Ahmed Khan
- Personal Branding Training by Diya Asrani
- Instagram Marketing Strategy by Aman Rajput
- LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing Strategy by Shivam Gupta
- 5 Bonus Courses worth 999 USD
- Continuous Upgrade and New Course Addition
- Weekly Live Training
Product Price (Including 18% GST) Affiliate Category
|Lite||Rs. 2360||Silver|
|Standard||Rs. 4130||Gold|
|Pro||Rs. 8260||Platinum|
You can see in the above table If you purchase Leadsark Lite Products at Rs. 2360, you will be the Buyer or Become an affiliate Marketer of
**Silver Affiliate** Category

Leadsark Affiliate commission varies according to the affiliate category. If you purchase expensive products from Leadsark, your affiliate commission will be higher

**Leadsark Affiliate Marketing Plan or Compensation Plan**
There are 2 ways, you can get Affiliate Commission from Leadsrk

- Direct Sales
- Tier Two (Sales Commission from Downline)
**1. Direct Sales**
As a Normal method of Affiliate Marketing, When an Associate of Leadsark refers to any products of Leadsark, and if the Targeted person will buy through the Affiliate Link, the Associate will get a Direct Sales Commission

Basically, Not every Associate will get the same amount of Commission by referring to the same Products. Commission amount depends on Associate Category

Kindly, Look at this Leadsark commission chart to determine the commission

Affiliate Category Commission on Lite Product Commission on Standard Product Commission on Pro Product
|Silver||Rs. 1500||1800 Rs||2200 Rs|
|Gold||Rs. 1500||2500 Rs||2500 Rs|
|Platinum||Rs. 1500||2500 Rs||5000 Rs|
**2. Tier Two (Sales Commission from Downline
Tier Two Commission is a little similar to
1 Level Network Marketing Plan

Whenever your referred LeadsArk associate refers someone and if the person buys the product through his or her affiliate link, You will also get a commission

Like Direct Sales Commission, this commission amount also depends on Associate Category

Affiliate Category Commission on Lite Product Commission on Standard Product Commission on Pro Product
|Silver||Rs. 100||Rs. 200||Rs. 300|
|Gold||Rs. 200||Rs. 400||Rs. 400|
|Platinum||Rs. 200||Rs. 500||Rs. 1000|
**How to Join at Leadsark Affiliate Program Online

Now, If you are convinced about the Leadsark Affiliate Programme by someone, you can Join Leadsark Programme online. Here is the following step-by-step process of Joining

- First, Visit the official website,
- Click on
Menuin the Right Top Bar and next Click on Sign UpButton

- After that, an online form will open with Title Name Join Now

- Kindly Fill up the form with your Basic Details

- Next, Check the t
wo Term and Condition Boxand Click on the SubmitButton

- On the Next Page, Pay the Course Fees and your Joining Process will be complete

Thats it

**What Is the Sales System of Leadsark Affiliate Program
You need to be prepared to make hundreds of sales every month. The sales system follows a few steps-
- By joining Leadsark training from basic can give your Mindset and Skill rise to intermediate levels

- You can learn the basic techniques of life by applying Marketing Strategy

- You or Anyone can get massive leads and high sales conversion rates by learning the LeadsArk Generation Course

- You can know the exact ways to make leads in Organic Ways with Zero Marketing Cost

- Long-term relationships should be built by helping customers with long-term strategies

**Are LeadsArk misleading young people
Probably, I will say Yes. Because Some of the Affiliate Marketer Target students and freshers to join with them by telling
**Earn Money From Facebook **Earn Money from Instagram Moreover, these so-called affiliate marketers post job openings on LinkedIn without any educational requirements like Bizgurkul Associate

I got many reviews from my many friends about the quality of this course. Sorry to say, almost all of my friends say, the course is not worth their Price. Content Quality to Video quality is. They also say All information about this course is already available on Youtube Freely

**It is a waste of money**

Already, I say, if you want to learn this Digital Skill which Leadsark is Providing, Watch the Video of Good and Professional Blogger, Digital Marketer and Motivational Speaker like Harsh Agrawal, Neil Patel, Anil Agarwal, Dr.Vivek Bindra

In addition, you will also buy some quality Courses from Coursera, Udemy, Hubspot, Edureka

Because LeadsArk is not for the course but for their affiliate program

**Is LeadsArk Legal
Officially, Leadsark is registered in the Government of India, Form GST REG-06 (10). It is a Proprietorship Business of Ayaz Mohammad

**My thoughts on leadsark affiliate marketing review**
In affiliate marketing, we recommend products according to our personal experience and opinions (Though, some Marketing Tactics are used here), then interested people buy the proposed product

Trust is the most important thing, all top marketers are the cause of public trust.No one here is considering the actual price of the course, the affiliates are just hungry for heavy commissions on every sale

Direct Selling, Network Marketing or Multi-level Marketing was started with the same goal and Vision, with personal experience and interesting people purchasing, and recommending products

But now in some network marketing companies, everyone is focused on commissions and companiespeople by selling low-Quality products at High Prices. And at the end of the day, few get good commissions and most lose money by buying overpriced products

The same thing is happening here in Leadsark

Although, I already shared the review on the Leadsark Affiliate Marketing Products. The course does not fulfill with efficient information, according to its price

In addition, The sad reality is,
**There is no Joining fees or no need to Buy the Products in Affiliate Marketing But, here, ** if you do not purchase any products of Leadsark, you can not get your own affiliate link to share with others**

**FAQs on LeadsArk Private limited**
What is leadsark rank in India?
I have already shared, What is Leadsark and How it works. There is no Rank Calculated List for this type of Company

Is LeadsArk a network marketing company?
LeadsArk claimed they are an affiliate program. They provide 2 types of income and their second income is their plans as a network marketing company. This revenue comes directly from sales generated by the downline which is like a one-tier network marketing plan

Does leadsark provide a certificate?
No, Leadsark does not Provide any certificate of Leadsark

Is leadsark is ISO certified Company?
According to Business Standard, LeadsArk is an ISO Certified company that has more than 28k Affiliates in a year and has paid more than Rs. 8 Crore as the affiliate commission

Is leadsark government certified or not?
Hmm. LeaDsark has Government approved GST Number

How is this course different from other courses?
Leadsark claims that it is not only just a course. This is a pure action-based step-by-step training course that can help you build 20 to 25 highly qualified leaders using social media

But, I dont know, does this Lead Generating really happen

Is there a return policy on LeadsArk?
You can apply for a refund 24 hours after purchase. From the registered email [email protected] with refund term in the subject you need to mail. But, a 2% payment gateway fee and 5% progress fee will be deducted from your money. After 24 hours of purchase, you will not receive a refund

I hope you get the all Positive and Negative information about Leadsark Affiliate Marketing Program

How this company circulation money by selling Poor Courses at High Price with their Affiliate Marketing Plan

**Now, Id like to know from you
Do you face any so-called Affiliate Marketer of Leadsark?
How is the experience with them?
Or, You already buy its Course? if Yes. How is it?
**Let me know in the comment right now. **
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