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**LeadsArk The Best Affiliate Program in India**
**What is LeadsArk **What is LeadsArk
LeadsArk is An Educational Hub for Qualified Lead Generation and Online Business. LeadsArk is build to train people to generate qualified leads every day. According to the owner of this Affiliate program, anyone can generate 20-25 qualified leads after implementing the correct strategies

LeadsArk is an Indian Online Training company that gives you work as an Affiliate. They are working on informational products or simply they are offering the digital training program

As you know commission on digital products or any informational products is extremely high as compared to physical products. Like groceries, books, electronics, etc, that are available on
**Amazon Affiliate**

**How Much Commission LeadsArk Pays You **How Much Commission LeadsArk Pays You
LeadsArk pays the highest affiliate commission in India. LeadsArk rewards you 75-80% Affiliate commission on each direct selling. You will be shocked! Right! This is the biggest benefit of joining the LeadsArk Affiliate Program

One more best benefit is LeadsArk gives more than the direct selling also. Let me clear this

When you sold to one person and that person also making his/her sales you also get some commission. This is really passive income in which you are not involved

**What are the Products of LeadsArk **What are the Products of LeadsArk
As I said LeadsArk offers Digital Training Products which means they provide online courses. They are providing you How to do affiliate marketing, They are teaching the affiliate how to do affiliate marketing with no paid ads, or even solo ads

LeadsArk experts made the courses on How to generated quantity leads and Qualified leads organically every day

They are focusing on social media marketing, social media branding and organic reach, means completely about digital training

LeadsArk has three products as the 2021 current state. Namely LeadsArk Lite, LeadsArk Standard, and third is LeadsArk Pro. These three products are also known as Silver, Gold, and Platinum respectively

- LeadsArk Lite (Silver)
- LeadsArk Standard (Gold)
- LeadsArk Platinum (Platinum)
## Products Descriptions:
 1. LeadsArk Lite (Silver)
In this Product or Training course you will focused on
- Organic Lead Generation

- Attraction Marketing
- Personal Branding
- Social Media marketing
Above four major training you will get in this Lite Course of LeadsArk. This is not the end along with this you will get the
** (Recording of Previous Weekly Training Sessions). LeadsArk Affiliate Training**
And the best part is LeadsArk provide the weekly Live Webinar where you can ask your doubts

Not only this, You will get the 8 Premium Bonuses For Free with this Product

**8 Bonuses with LeadsArk Lite**
 2. LeadsArk Standard (Gold):
In this course you will get the Everything included from LeadsArk lite
- More Advanced Strategy of Organic Lead Generation
- Lead Magnet Offer Strategy
- Product Review Strategy
- Advanced Group Promotion strategy
All bonuses above shown
Weekly Live Webinar For Free
 3. LeadsArk Pro (Platinum)
This is most comprehensive course ever. In this course all things are advanced level. Who buy this course that people are really dashing within 4-6 months

This course covers the all about Affiliate Marketing from Zero to Hero. How to select a niche and Product selections. Marketing and Promotions of products. All the skills required to sales that are all covered in this training

For more details about this course kindly
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 5 Bonus Courses worth 999 USD
 Continuous Upgrade and New Course Addition
 Weekly Live Training
|Sr.No||Product||Price GST (18Total|
|1||LeadsArk Lite||2000||360||2360|
|2||LeadsArk Standard||3500||630||4130|
|3||LeadsArk Pro||7000||1260||8260LeadsArk Product Details**
**How to Join LeadsArk Affiliate Program **How to Join LeadsArk Affiliate Program 
 Join the LeadsArk
Firstly you have to go and from navigation menu select the
**Sign Up Page**
Fill up the sign up form and pay your course/product fee

**Payment Process LeadsArk**
After the successful payment, you will receive a payment successful payment along with your Sponsor ID details

Now Login into your account and attend the all training videos from your courses dashboard

Whatever you learned apply it and implement it on yourself. You will get the leads every day and your leads can be converted into sales

## LeadsArk Achievements:
LeadsArk 2.0 is an online training Affiliate program that has been achieving success. This Platform has the biggest certification called
**ISO Certificate 
Daily people are joining LeadsArk to start their active and passive earning. Now at this present month (April 2021), LeadsArk Affiliate Marketers are 21000. They are earning on daily basis

## Advantages To Join LeadsArk
1. Personal Branding

LeadsArk gives you apart from money. They will stand you own the brand position. You will be known as a Pro Affiliate marketer. You will build your own future. By reaching more people your confidence level is increased by 5X than current. This platform gives you more popular in less time

2. Higher Sales Conversion Ratio
As I discussed the products of this platform are online training for digital marketing. And due to the trading business, they provide you 75-80% commission on each sale

3. Zero Marketing Cost
LeadsArk is namely famous for generating leads organically. You dont ned to invest dollars in marketing like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Solo Ads. All you have to focus on organic search

4. Customers For Life
LeadsArk teaches you to create a long-term strategy to generate leads and helps you to engage them for an exceptionally long period. You will get the sales daily and for a long time

5. Team Work and Help
The whole team will help to. Every week webinars are conducted and they are helping you to solve your doubts. Even the sales webinar helps you a lot to gives you more sales
6. Active + Passive Income
LeadsArk gives you active income on direct sales. Apart from this, you will get passive income. Join this platform for know this opportunity

**How To Receive payments **How To Receive payments
From LeadsArk you will receive your affiliate commission on a weekly basis. Whatever your sales are done you will get directly transfer to your bank account

I am also telling you every Wednesday you will get your payment

**What Documents Needed **What Documents Needed
You dont need the couple of documents to join this affiliate program. To receive your payments you need following

- Pan card (For KYC)
- Bank Account
Nowadays all things are made easy with digital India. You can apply for your
**pan card online** instantly. A digital pan also valuable same as a physical pan card. You need only an Aadhar card as proof

**Can I Upgrade the Plan from Lite To Standard and Standard To Pro **Can I Upgrade the Plan from Lite To Standard and Standard To Pro
If you started with the LeadsArk Lite then you can easily switch to Standard Plan and Again it is easy to switch Standard Plan to Pro Plan

So, you might be thinking which is the best product or plan to get started? Hey, guys, this depends upon you which plan you select. But I recommend if you are afforded the Pro of at least Standard then you must start with the Pro plan. Pro Plan (or the Platinum) is a really fantastic plan to get started for affiliate marketing with LeadsArk. But guys, dont worry I again tell you you can start with any plan

## Conclusion:
Lastly, we are on the conclusion should you join this Affiliate Product?
So, my recommendation is you should join this

**LeadsArk Affiliate Marketing Platform **which is growing rapidly

People are well pleased with this platform. If they can do you can also earn with this

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