Founded in 1999 by Matt Peloquin, ClearStage devises and executes marketing and demand generation strategies for B2C and B2B clients across multiple verticals. Our work prioritizes consulting on ecommerce business model evaluations and building attribution systems to ensure effective data-driven results. ClearStage has also been instrumental in the building of digital marketing departments for retailers, SaaS companies and advertising agencies

Whether you are a B2C company looking to increase your sales or a B2B company looking to increase sales lead volume and quality, ClearStage will customize our work to exceed your needs

 Strategy Audit** **s
*In addition to revamping your demand
generation and sales strategies, ClearStage provides
digital marketing services to increase your digital
sales and customer acquisition volume

*Whether your marketing needs involve
driving sales or increasing brand awareness for
lower funnel conversions, ClearStage focuses on
attaining the best possible ROI for you. Through our
audience segmentation, in-depth keyword research and
bidding strategies, we'll find affordable traffic to
your business that you might not have thought

*With each site design, you need to
factor in the "searchability" of your site

ClearStage will work with your marketing and
development teams to increase the likelihood of
better search rankings while preserving the design,
feel and intent of your site.*
*Whether you are looking to increase
installs of your app or improve overall sales
performance through mobile-first advertising, we
will develop a plan that works for you. Our expert
experience with Apple Search, Google UAC
and Appsflyer will ensure top performance.*
*If you are selling a product online
and not using Google Shopping and Amazon AMS, you
are at a serious disadvantage. In any Google
search for a product, you will find all the top
positions occupied by Google Shopping Ads. As
Amazon owns over 50% of the US ecommerce market
share, getting potential customers to view your
products on Amazon is crucial

ClearStage will work with you to setup and
optimize your Google Shopping and Amazon AMS
campaigns toyour sales immediately.*
*If you aren't already part of the
62% of businesses that are using YouTube for their
marketing efforts, it's time to get started. We
will work with you to not only produce effective
video content to engage with potential customers,
but we will also devise marketing campaigns on
Google Ads and Facebook to increase your audience
share and exposure.*

*Display advertising and
retargeting efforts have changed the way
customers engage with brands. Google’s Display
Ad Network reaches 90% of global internet users

ClearStage will create effective display
advertising strategies across the top display
networks such as Google and Adroll, while
devising programmatic strategies to reach the
most targeted audience

*Are your organic social pages
keeping your followers engaged with your
products or services? Are you executing top-performing paid
campaigns across Facebook, Instagram,
LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest? We will audit
your accounts and create new strategies to
boost your direct sales, lead generation and
consumer engagement to capitalize on building
customer loyalty.*
*Is your company currently
outsourcing your search engine marketing
campaigns to an agency and considering
moving them in-house? Our consultation
service will provide all the heavy lifting,
to work with you to build a department of
your own. We will train employees in the
business of search engine marketing, while
creating a system you will be able to
on your own