Explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon through online games and activities. Learn about the rainforest and the Quichua people who call it home. Discover the ways in which the Quichua live off the land. Then try your hand at running a community-based ecotourism project along the Río Napo

• Where is the Amazon?
• How rainy is the rainforest? Plan and manage 

 a locally-controlled ecotourism 

 project. Can you make 

 ecotourism sustainable? 

 Try it! This site is based on field research into indigenous ecotourism in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It is designed to illustrate some basic physical and human geography of the Amazon as well as the risks and benefits of ecotourism as a development strategy. If you'd like to learn more, read the research report on which these activities are based

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